Annual Notice for College Credit Plus Program

Annual Notice for 2021-2022 School Year

This document provides notice of the College Credit Plus program to Lake Local Schools students, in grades 7 – 12. 

College Credit Plus Costs:

(a) CCP opportunities have no cost to students, including the free option to attend public institutions of higher education. School districts have the option to seek reimbursement if the student receives a non-passing grade or withdraws after the no-fault deadline date.

(b) There is potential cost of participation with a nonpublic/private institution of higher education. Private colleges/universities have the option of charging a minimal fee to students.

(c) Students who are economically disadvantaged who choose to attend a nonpublic institution of higher education cannot be charged a minimum fee.

(ii) Criteria for student participation, including, but not limited to, the following:

(a) Parents and students must participate in a counseling session prior to participation (Feb 3rd or recording)

(b) Important Notice: “Students must submit a written notice of their intent to participate in the upcoming academic year, by April 1, in accordance with section 3365.03 of the Revised Code. 

(iii) Student participation options:

(a) Secondary schools cannot limit a student’s participation in the CCP program to only the courses offered in that school. Students may also participate online or at any other institution of higher education, or any combination.

(b) Participating students may be concurrently enrolled in multiple postsecondary institutions and may take postsecondary courses from more than one institution of higher education, concurrently.

(c) Lake High School will offer the following CCP courses on their campus: Span 2010 Intermediate Spanish 1 and Span 2020 Intermediate Spanish II through BGSU, HIST 1250 Early American History and HIST 1260 Modern American through BGSU, and BUS 101- Contemporary Business through Owens.

(d) Students should review the institution of higher education’s course catalog for all offered courses.

(e) At Lake Local Schools  students do have the option to participate in the College Credit Plus program at the high school. Students can also participate online or at an institution of higher education.

(f) Students have the opportunity to participate during the summer term. For any student participating in a summer term that transfers to a new secondary school, the student has the responsibility to notify the institution of higher education and the student’s prior and new secondary school of such transfer.


February 3, 2021    CCP Information Night -Virtual with the recording to be posted following the presentation.

April 1, 2021        Letter of Intent form is due, which will be included in the presentation

(iv) Tracy Orians, school counselor at the high school is the designated point of contact for College Credit Plus and will answer questions of students and parents and the community regarding the program’s operation and will act as a liaison to the state of Ohio to monitor future changes or amendments to the program.