Activity Fees

The Lake Local School District has a pay to participate program designed to reduce costs to the general fund for operating co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.  Parents & students are advised that payment of fees does not automatically insure playing/participation time.

If a household qualifies for the National School Lunch and Breakfast program, then their activity fee may also be reduced or free.  This free or reduced program does not apply to registration fees for elementary athletic programs, summer programs, camps, or team wear purchases required by coaches.

Households who may qualify for free/reduced fees for student activities must complete The National School Lunch and Breakfast Program Application each & every school year and a form giving consent to release the eligibility determination information for determination of participation fees. This paperwork will have to be completed and time allowed for determination of benefits before determination of fees. These forms will be available after July 1st, each school year from the high school office during office hours or from the Food Service Office. Please pick up and complete your application early, so there are no delays. Any questions concerning the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program Applications or to pick up forms please call Chris Wilson at 419 661-6652.or email at

Activity fees are generally collected at the start of each season on an advertised date. These dates are listed under the section labeled, “Activities & Meetings.”  If a student qualifies for the Free & Reduced Lunch Program, fees shall be waived in full for students qualifying for Free fees OR shall be waived by 50% for students qualifying for Reduced fees. This is assuming the Athletic Department has proof of your child’s lunch program status.

Proof of free or reduced fees require submitting the letter you received from the Food Service Department to the Athletic Department.  This letter can be faxed to the Athletic Dept. (419-661-6657 – Attn. Dave Shaffer). If you no longer have this letter you can call the Food Service Dept, Chris Wilson to obtain a copy.  (419-661-6652)

Students who do not pay the fee on collection day will have (1) week to make payment, afterwards they are kept out of practices/contests until such payment is made.

Any athlete who is ineligible and a member of a team, must still pay activity fees. Activity fees are non-refundable if an athlete quits a team, is dismissed from a team or becomes ineligible after fees are paid.  However, any athlete who sustains a season ending injury prior to first contest would receive a full refund. A physician’s note may be required.

Checks are made payable to: Lake Local Schools

Current fees for high school or middle school athletics are as follows:

1st Sport = $70

2nd Sport = $60

3rd Sport = $50

Individual Cap = $200 per student

Family Cap = $360