Community Letter 11-11-2020

November 11, 2020

Dear Lake Community:

By the end of this week we will be making a decision on whether or not to spend the week after Thanksgiving with all virtual learning. Due to the rise in COVID cases, our district is struggling with staffing in different areas across campus.  The administration and board of education, in consultation with the Wood County Health Department, is looking at virtual learning for the week immediately following Thanksgiving to give time for people to get healthy and also to allow any possible lingering infections to move on. 

If the trend in cases does not start to decline, it will be very difficult to keep our campus open and operating. I was on a call with the Lieutenant Governor on Monday and he stated that the “next weeks and months of the campaign will be the most difficult and people are weary.” As a district we are trying to balance the importance of kids being in school, the health and availability of our students and staff, as well as the overall health of the public at large. 

We will have a definitive answer for you by the end of this week, but no matter what the outcome, it is important that everyone prepare for the increasing possibility of an all virtual learning platform in the future.

Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility.

Jim Witt