Community Letter 11-12-20

November 12, 2020

Flyer Nation —

Good morning. After looking at several different variables, the decision has been made to continue to keep our campus open for five days a week for as long as we can sustain that model. 

We believe the benefits of having our kids in person warrant that we continue to keep this schedule.  We also believe so resolutely in face-to-face learning that we have a committee of administrators and teachers working on a hybrid model to be released to the public no later than December 18. 

Our only scenario, at this time, to go 100% virtual would be on a one or two day emergency or if the governor shuts schools across Ohio down. A high percentage of community spread could also make the local health department close our campus.

With that being said, we are finding that our cases of quarantined students and staff are not contracting the virus. The issues we have to deal with come from outside of our school walls. Per the Governor’s plea last night in his press conference, we ask you to  limit your family’s outings to mitigate risk.  Please wear a mask when you are out in public (I know that is difficult as I struggle with it myself). Our administration believes that masks have been a reason why we have been able to have school for the duration of fall.  Please continue to encourage your children to wear their masks properly (over both the nose and mouth).  

Finally, you will receive a personal phone call from the school district if your student has been exposed to a positive case and we are aware of it. This has been difficult for all of us and we are heading into what the people in Columbus are calling the toughest period of the pandemic. If your child is sick and exhibits any symptoms of the virus, please keep him or her home until he or she is better. 

As always, we appreciate your continued patience and flexibility.

Jim Witt