Parent Information

Lake Local Schools Food Service

Students with Special Dietary Needs- Substitutions or modifications in school meals will be made for students whose disability restricts their diet in accordance with USDA regulation 7 CFR Part 15b.  Please contact Chris Wilson to receive the evaluation form to be completed and signed by Physician and Parent.  No substitutions or modifications will be made until completed evaluation form is received.  This form must be updated each school year.

Parent/Guardians may check balances for food service accounts on line and are able to make deposits to student food service accounts on line.  Parent/Guardians can also sign up for an email notification when their students account balance is low.  There is a link at the school district web site for online payments and monitoring of student food service accounts.

Three Weeks before the end of the school year no Food Service account charging will be permitted.  Seniors will be given written notice and if charges are not paid this could result in holding diploma.

If student food service charges and/or receipt of emergency meals become excessive, are not repaid or if after being contacted/contact attempts made, parent /guardian refuses to pay outstanding charges, no payment made, Lake Local School District reserves the right to take action deemed necessary to collect monies owed and/or notify the Department of Social Services of child neglect.

Allowing charges to accumulate can lead to tremendous deficits for the school food services and nutrition program. Therefore the district holds the right to discontinue the privilege of meal charging if it becomes a hardship or excessive.