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New Student Enrollment Procedures

Please read thoroughly before registering

There are two types of enrollment. Resident Enrollment for those living within the district and Open Enrollment for those students living outside of the district.

This enrollment link is for resident enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year for grades K-12 only (Please do not register your preschool student in Final Forms) and open enrolled students only after you have received an approval letter.

Before registering, please double check that you are registering in the correct school year (20/21 for students entering in August 2020 or later) . For families living outside of the school district, you must first apply and be approved for open enrollment before registering your student in Final Forms. Registrations for students living outside of the Lake School District will be deleted until you have received the approval letter in the mail.

All new student enrollment forms are completed online.

Resident: New student enrollment applications are currently available with appointments and documentation collections, tentatively starting late June. Complete the online registration for your new student(s).

Your child’s enrollment is not considered complete until after the enrollment appointment and all supporting documentation has been submitted. The following documents are required:

  1. Official Birth Certificate (original document registered with the Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Custody Papers (if the child is NOT living with both biological parents listed on
    the birth certificate) You must provide one of the following:
    – A copy of the Entry of Judgement containing file/date stamped page stating
    legal residential parent with the judge or magistrates signature.
    – A copy of the Entry of Judgement showing child support.
  4. Proof of Residency- You must provide 2 substantial pieces of mail in your name.
    Acceptable proof of residency includes: gas, electric or water bill, lease
    agreement, mortgage statement, or a paystub. All proofs of residency must be
    current within the last 30 days. (cell phone bills, Dr. bills, car insurance etc. are
    not acceptable) if you are residing with a friend or family member in the district,
    you must complete a notarized residency verification form and provide the
    documentation listed on that form. If the person you reside with is renting, you
    must provide a letter from the landlord on proper letterhead with contact
    information, stating that they are aware additional family members are residing in
    the apartment or home. Residency verification forms are valid for one year and
    are subject to verification throughout the year.

All enrollment appointments will be at the high school office and are by appointment only.

Click here to start your registration through FinalForms for you child(ren).

Please email hparsons@lakeschools.org with any questions.

Hollie Parsons
EMIS and District Enrollment
Email: hparsons@lakeschools.org
Phone: (419) 661-3000 ext 6696