Transportation Policies and Forms


If you are requesting that your child is consistently picked up or dropped off at an approved address other than your residence, you must submit a request for alternate transportation form to the transportation office. For your convenience, this form is available for online submission using the following link:


Completed forms must be received in the Transportation Office by July 15 to guarantee services beginning the first day of a new school year.  After July 15, and for the duration of a school year, forms must be turned in at least three (3) school days prior to the requested beginning date.

  • Form is not valid for changes less than five (5) consecutive days.
  • Students must be picked up at the same location every day
  • Students must be dropped off at the same location every day.
  • Phone calls or notes asking for a long term change will not be accepted.
  • Students may only ride to or from school on their assigned bus.
  • MS & HS students are not permitted to ride Elementary buses.
  • All requests submitted after July 15 are subject to availability.


Open enrolled students are permitted to use Lake buses if they are using an approved alternate address within the Lake District and have met the established alternate transportation requirements.



Students that need transportation to / from a different bus stop for a single day may request a Flight Pass. Issuance of Flight Passes are subject to seating availability. Due to changing ridership this availability may change at any time. Please check with the transportation or building office before assuming a Flight Pass request will be approved.

All Flight Pass requests must include the following information:

  • Date pass is requested to be used.
  • Student’s name, grade and home address.
  • With whom or at which established stop the student would like to ride.
  • Valid parent phone number and signature.

*Please note:

  • Students are only permitted to ride to / from active stop locations on routes that service their school.
  • Extra stops or route alterations will not be made to accommodate Flight Passes.
  • Any student that causes disruptions on a bus while using a Flight Pass will be denied further passes pending review with the student and their parent / guardian.


Lake Schools promotes and educates students to actively participate in their safety. All students are expected to adhere to the Ohio School Bus Safety Rules. These rules are posted on each bus and as a link under parent forms. Please take a moment to read all of the information.

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