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This forecast has been prepared to provide the Board of Education and the Lake Local Schools community with information about the current financial status of the District as well as the projected future. The current COVID-19 pandemic has an adverse impact on the financial wellness of the District for this forecast. This Forecast only includes the General Fund. It is the General Fund which provides the financial resources for educating the children of our District. There are other funds such as the Permanent Improvement Fund or the Bond Fund which have restricted uses. No provision has been made to this forecast with regards to the Student Health and Wellness Funding initiative provided in the State biennium budget or for the Federal CARES Act funding. The District is continuously looking for ways to supplant existing expenses to other appropriate funding sources as they are awarded.

 This Fiscal Year is starting somewhat like FY20 ended; like no other. The uncertainties that are upon us due to COVID continue to grow. Each uncertainty contains many variables that could impact both revenue and expenses.

2020 Fall Five Year Forecast Assumptions

2020 Five Year Forecast Presentation

2020 Five Year Forecast Spreadsheet

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