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In October of each year, Ohio school districts are required to submit a Five Year Forecast of Revenues and Expenditures anticipated for the General Fund. This forecast is then updated in May of the following year.I can tell you that projecting five years into the future is a daunting task that sometimes seems to be an exercise in futility. There are literally hundreds of variables to be considered in developing assumptions about what may or may not happen over that period of time  Try projecting what your family will be spending on food, gasoline, energy, health care, and all the things that you will buy five years from now!

But now, even over the short run, as evidenced by the wild swings of the price of oil, the turmoil in the real estate market, or the chaos experienced in our financial markets, predicting what will happen next week has become impossible.  Uncertainty now seems to rule our lives. Feel free to contact our offices with any questions or concerns.

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Treasurer’s Office

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