Information about fake bomb threat January 27, 2016

This morning at approximately 11:15 A.M., while Lake High School Principal Lee Herman was off campus working on class scheduling for next year and unable to access his email account, a bomb threat was sent to his school email address.  Mr. Herman discovered the warning once he arrived at home and checked his messages at approximately 5:00pm.
The threat indicated that something would happen before noon today, which was obviously false.  Throughout the course of this evening the Lake Township Police Department, in collaboration with school officials, found the sender of the threatening message and took appropriate measures.
Additionally, to further insure the safety of our students and staff school officials and LTPD officers agreed to have bomb sniffing dogs go through the middle school and high school buildings. The dogs and their handlers finished at approximately 9:15 p.m. and nothing was found.
Upon finding the email, Mr. Herman’s handling of the situation was exemplary and the positive relationship our schools share with the local safety departments once again paid dividends tonight.