June 30th Update

June 30th Update –
Lake Community —
I hope everyone is doing well and that all of your air conditioners are working this week.
Some information to pass along as we PATIENTLY wait for the governor to release his guidelines for this August: A group made up of the administration, representatives of both unions, our school nurse, and a representative from the Wood County ESC is meeting today to discuss a very full and ambitious agenda on the 2020-21 school year. We have also reserved Thursday morning to continue the discussion. Next Monday evening, a committee of parent volunteers will meet with some of the people who will be involved today and Thursday to further our plans. Finally, on Wednesday, July 8 the board will meet in executive session to have a planning session revolving around next year. It is going to be an intense and busy 10 days for sure.
At this point in time and based on the results of the survey we sent out earlier, the information that is forthcoming about the virus, the information (which is still very limited) coming from different state and national agencies, we are TENTATIVELY planning on two options for our kids for next year. The first option is to “bring ’em back” while following practical guidelines on hygiene, social distancing, and cleaning schedules. The anticipated guidelines that we can reasonably implement will require large scale planning and they will change the way we do business in some instances.
Our second option will be an online program for students who are not comfortable coming back to school. That level of discomfort could be for a multitude of reasons and our board and administration do not want to lose those kids and/or families. We have administrators working with a company that will provide an online learning platform for our kids and they will still be Flyers even though they will not be here on a daily basis.
We will make every attempt to keep you informed of new information but please be patient with us.
Have a great week!
Jim Witt