June 4, 2020 Update

June 4, 2020

Dear Lake Community:

Earlier this week Governor Dewine announced that his goal is to have Ohio schools open this fall. He also stated that there would be broad guidelines for schools to follow and school districts will have control over how the day looks within those guidelines. What the governor did not disclose was when those guidelines will be released and how strict they will be. Until districts are notified of those parameters, we cannot proceed with plans on how to educate our students for the 2020-21 school year.In the next few weeks we will be releasing the results of the recent survey we asked you to complete. Like the other districts, who put out a similar survey, we have a very wide range of answers, a long list of concerns, and twenty percent of our respondents stated that they will not or are hesitant to send their children back to school. Many of you expressed concern over students wearing masks and our school administration have the same concern. An even bigger concern for us is how we are going to transport our students in a timely manner if we are required to maintain social distancing. Please know that your concerns have been heard and the overwhelming majority are shared by our staff.Upon receipt of the guidelines from Columbus, we will immediately start working on a plan for next year. We will be asking for volunteers from the community to assist us in that process and we would like to have people who have varying opinions and thoughts. If you are interested in volunteering for that committee, please email me your interest at jwitt@lakeschools.org.I hope all of you have a safe, restful, and fun summer.


Jim Witt