Letter from Dr. Amy Klinger to Lake Community

To the Lake Local Schools Community –

My team and I had the pleasure of observing the recent parent reunification exercise at Lake High School. From the first person we encountered to the last folks we talked to as we left, the staff was well-trained, highly engaged, and unfailingly professional. I was particularly impressed by the meticulous planning and thoughtful implementation of every element of the parent reunification process.

Allocating the time and personnel to “practice” reuniting parents with students might be seen by some as a waste of time and energy. As a school safety consultant and career educator, I can tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bringing together parents and children efficiently and safely in the aftermath of a crisis event is a monumental task that many school districts don’t have the foresight or the leadership to plan for, let alone practice. It is invaluable to have dedicated professionals who don’t just talk vaguely about keeping students safe, but who walk the walk – and actually make it happen.

I only wish I could persuade other school districts across the nation to engage in school safety activities with the same conviction, vigor, and professionalism I have witnessed in my work with Lake Local Schools. Parents and community members should be proud of the dedication of the Lake Local Schools staff and know that students are safer as a result of their efforts.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Dr. Amy Klinger

Director of Programs

The Educator’s School Safety Network