National School Bus Safety Week

Oct. 16-20 is National School Bus Safety Week.  It serves as a reminder for students, parents, teachers and the community to keep school bus safety a priority.  This year’s theme is STOP ON RED!

*Did you know hat it would take 550,000 cars daily to transport the 800,000 students to school who ride Ohio’s 14,500 buses?  School buses are the safest mode of transportation!  They are even safer than riding in your car!  Each day Lake buses travel approx. 884 miles.

*The biggest risk facing buses is a distracted driver.  As the bus travels its route, it is a moving intersection.  Each time the bus stops to load or unload students, traffic must stop.  It is the law that all traffic must stop when a bus is loading or unloading students on the roadways with less than 4 lanes.  Traffic must stop even if the red lights are not on!  The fine for passing a school bus is $500.00 and the judge can choose to suspend the driver’s license.

*All students, no matter the age or grade level, are assigned a designated place of safety by their driver.  Does your child know where their place of safety is?  Students are required to stay at their place of safety until the bus pulls away.