Alert Solutions settings

To update your contact methods and preferences you need to be logged into the PowerSchool parent portal (click here).

Once logged into the parent portal you will need to select the item labeled Power Announcement from the menu on the left.

Parent Portal menu

Clicking on that link will change the view to the right to show the Alert Solutions settings.  If you want to change the methods of contact (voice call, text message or email) you can toggle them on or off by using the check boxes in the first section titled Preferences By Message Type.

Preferences by Media Type

To update the information used to contact you, expand the second section titled Preferences by Contact Field.  In this area you are able to make changes to the contact information used as well as changing which phone numbers are called or texted when an alert is sent.  If you want to only receive voice calls on the Home Phone you would check the box in the row for Home Phone that says send phone calls and you would uncheck any other boxes that are labeled send phone calls.

Preferences by Contact Field

The last section, Preferences by Message Category, works in conjunction with the first section.  It allows you to change the contact methods for different types of announcements, however, it requires that a method is turned on in the first section before you can make adjustments.  For example, if you have your preferences setup to contact you using phone calls and text messaging you could then have this section set to send only school cancellation messages via a phone call and all other messages via text.

Preferences by Message Category