Michalak, A (5th grade Language Arts)

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Welcome back everyone!! We are so excited to be back in school!! This year will be one like no other for sure! Please be patient and flexible with us as we navigate the unknowns that may be thrown our direction. Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or information you think I should know.  I am looking forward to an awesome year!

All students are required to have a silent reading book with them AT ALL TIMES.  This means even in Math, S.S., and Science class as well as Reading class.  We will visit the Media Center a few times each quarter so that each child has a chance to check out books.  They are also welcome to read any of the books in my classroom library.  Please remind your child to always have a book and ask your child about the book they are reading.  It will keep them accountable for what they are reading, and they might be really excited to talk about it with someone!!!  

All students have the opportunity to correct D or F papers with the exception of spelling tests.  The two grades will then be averaged together for a new grade.  This gives the student an opportunity to learn from his/her mistakes.  Please make an effort to check your child’s grades on Powerschool every so often.  Both parents and students should know how they are doing in each class.  If you have questions please contact one of the teachers.  If you need PowerSchool login information, please contact the school office.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason if you have questions or concerns.  All of the fifth grade teachers are here to help you and your child!  My e-mail address is amichalak@lakeschools.org and my classroom phone extension is 3749.  The school phone number is 419-661-6660  You can also sign up for my remind updates by texting @5thmich to 81010.