Statement about the February 8th, 2016 Incident at Lake Middle School


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February 17, 2016

On February 8 a middle school student had the tip of his right middle finger severed in the pinch point of a closing door.

All of us at Lake feel terrible about this accident and we are praying and pulling for a full recovery for this young man.

An investigation has been conducted and documented. That investigation confirms that this was, indeed, an accident that happened without fault.  It also documents that the response was immediate, decisive, and effective.

Some have questioned the judgment of our staff to not call 911.  That is a fair question. That said, the Board believes that a reasonable good-faith judgment was made by those there based on the facts, circumstances, information, and resources present at the actual time and moment they happened.

Unfortunately, there have been those who have seized upon this accident to sensationalize and exploit it for their own benefit and purposes.  They have done so by creating false accusations and fabrications, and then promoted them on various media formats.  Nothing positive has, or can, result from that approach.

That approach has, in fact, only served to insult those dedicated employees who are already distraught over this accident.  It is one thing to second-guess the judgment of those who were there; it is quite another to attack their integrity and dedication.  This Board stands with our outstanding and devoted employees on this.

Moving forward, this Board will review the protocols for responding to injuries to students and staff.  We will also continue our ongoing effort to explore the potential to restore the school nurse position.  That position was one of many the Board was forced to eliminate in March of 2012 to avert a huge operating budget deficit.

Again, we sincerely regret that this accident happened and we wish a speedy and full recovery to our injured middle school student.  GET WELL SOON, NIKOLAS !

Lake School Board

February 17, 2016