Student Safety

At Lake schools the staff, administration, and the Lake Township Police take school safety very seriously.  We were recently made aware of a possible school safety situation and we believe this story, in many different forms, is traveling around in the social media world.  Many of the social media claims are untrue.
The school, and Lake Township Police, have worked together this weekend to identify the source of this situation and the investigation is ongoing.  Right now steps are being taken to make sure that everyone is safe in our schools.
While we cannot share more information at this time, please know that your students, and their safety, are very important to us.  As always, we encourage anyone that knows of a possible school safety risk, to please contact the school and/or the Lake Township Police Department.
Thank you and enjoy what remains of your weekend.
We seem to have many complaints that not enough information has been shared.  Fortunately or unfortunately, there are laws that protect student privacy. 
Having said that, the student that ALLEGEDLY made threatening statements will not be in school tomorrow.  The person the student allegedly threatened directly does not go to our school.
Because of the social media inaccuracies, our main reason for the message is so people know we know about the situation and it is safe to return to school tomorrow.
Lee Herman
Lake High School