Weekly COVID-19 Report

Governor DeWine announced an Ohio Department of Health order that requires school districts to publicly share Covid-19 data. Each district is required to provide non-identifying information about positive COVID-19 cases publicly available. We will not share the names of students and/or staff within the COVID-19 report.

March 5, 2021

(Previous Weeks Data)

This  Week’s New Cases Changes from Last Week Total Population Size Percentage of Population
Employees Quarantined 0 0 220 0.00%
Students Quarantined 14 +14 1673 0.84%
Employees Isolated 1 +1 220 0.45%
Students Isolated 0 0 1673 0.00%


Quarantined: When someone comes into direct contact with a COVID-19 Positive person.
• Must quarantine for 14 days (symptoms can start 2-14 days after exposure
• Quarantine begins on the last day the person had contact with the positive person
• Ends only when the person is symptom-free for 14 days

Isolated: Isolation is for a sick individual. Isolation includes
• 10 days of self-isolation and AT LEAST
• 1 day fever-free without use of fever reducing medications
• Return to school/work if symptoms have significantly improved

*Lake Local Schools cannot disclose specific case information due to