Application for Flyer Aviation Academy – due by August 14th.

Flyer Aviation Academy Application
Please fill out this application by August 14, 2020, if you would like your student to attend school virtually for a minimum of one semester or the entire school year. You will be contacted by the school with more details and information after this application is completed.
The Flyer Aviation Academy is part of Northwest Ohio Virtual Academy (NOVA), a consortium of schools in Northwest Ohio that is striving to provide opportunities for student achievement through shared instructional services. The goal of student success is not merely completing the required course of study, but to put the students at the center of learning while assuming ownership of their educational choices.
– Students wishing to participate in the Flyer Aviation Academy may do so at the beginning of a semester, and must complete the entire semester. A student may also sign up to complete the entire school year.
– Students who participate in the Flyer Aviation Academy are students of Lake Local Schools, and may participate in all extracurricular clubs and activities.
– Students taking courses through the Flyer Aviation Academy are held to the same academic standards as outlined in the student handbook, including attendance (virtually) and graduation requirements.

Flyer Aviation Academy Application