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Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services

New Student Enrollment Procedures 

Please read thoroughly before registering

Resident Enrollment
All new student registrations are completed online through Final Forms.
 Steps to enroll:
 1) Complete the online registration in Final Forms for your new student(s). Please note that sometimes during the school year we have two active registrations open at once. Please be sure to choose the correct school year that your child will be attending. 
Choose the 23/24 school year if your student will be attending for the remainder of this school year ending in May 2024 or register your student in the 24/25 school year for school beginning in September 2024. (Final Forms registration for the 24/25 school year will open May 1st 2024. Please do not register early. 
2) Once your registration has been received you will receive an email containing details with the next steps to finalize your child’s enrollment. Your child’s enrollment is not considered complete until after all supporting documentation has been submitted. 

The following documents are required:
  1. Official Birth Certificate (original document registered with the Bureau of Vital Statistics.'
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Custody Papers (if the child is NOT living with both biological parents listed on the birth certificate) You must provide one of the following:
     –A copy of the Entry of Judgement containing file/date stamped page stating legal residential parent with the judge or magistrate’s signature.
     – A copy of the Entry of Judgement showing child support.
  4. Proof of Residency- You must provide 2 substantial pieces of mail in your name.  Acceptable proof of residency includes: photo id containing current address, gas, electric or water bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement, bank statement or a paystub. All proofs of residency must be current within the last 30 days. (cell phone bills, Dr. bills, car insurance etc. are not acceptable) 
    If you are residing with a friend or family member in the district, you must complete a notarized residency verification form and provide the documentation listed on that form. This form can be printed from Final Forms. If the person you reside with is renting, you must provide a letter from the landlord on proper letterhead with contact information, stating that they are aware additional family members are residing in the apartment or home. Residency verification forms are valid for one year and are subject to verification throughout the year.
  5. Parent or legal guardian’s photo id. 

Any questions regarding Enrollment Services should contact Hollie Parsons.