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English Learner (EL) Services

English Learner Services

How is a student identified as an English Learner?

If a student has a language other than English spoken in the home and has completed the Home Language Survey during enrollment, the student will be assessed for English Language Proficiency.  If the student qualifies, he or she becomes an English Learner (EL) student.  Students identified as EL may be born in the USA or from other countries.

If the student qualifies for EL services, the EL teacher will collaborate with the classroom teacher to assist in strengthening individual skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension services.

Feel free to contact your student’s school or district office if you have questions about the EL services available.

Stages of Second Language Acquisition 

Ohio Department of Education Teaching English Learners

Pre-functional – Pre-production or the silent period.  New students just listen.  Some may not speak for weeks or months.  Don’t force them. Some will start using simple learned phrases and simple sentences.

Beginner –Students will develop a vocabulary of about 1000 words; speak in one or two word phrases, memorized chunks and simple sentences.  This may last about 6 months.

High Beginner–Students will develop a vocabulary of about 3000 words, use simple sentences, ask simple questions, read easy stories, and write simple sentences.

Intermediate–Now students have a 6000 word vocabulary, use more complex sentences, and ask questions.  They will still have grammar errors.

Advanced –It can take 4 – 10 years to achieve this.  Students are able to cope in the classroom but will still need help with vocabulary, idioms, writing and content such as social studies.