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Voice Recognition
A student works independently on their classwork.
Students play a STEM game in Science class.
A student focuses on his social studies lesson.
Students play a STEM game in Science class.
Students listen to Mrs. Grant give the social studies lesson.

Lake Middle School

Message from the Principal

Dear Lake Middle School Community:

During the 2020-2021 Jim Witt and Jodi Takats will be serving as co-principals of the middle school along with their other duties.  Stephanie Franke will be the assistant principal.

They can be reached as indicated below:

Jim Witt –  419-661-6672

Jodi Takats – 419-661-6679

Stephanie Franke – 419-661-6541

MS Drop Off/Pick Up

If you drop off or pick up your student before and/or after school, we need your help.  With so many cars moving in the parking lot, safety becomes a concern for everyone.

In the morning, please pull as far forward as possible before your student exits the vehicle. Please have them exit on the sidewalk side of the car. This allows as many cars as possible to pull up and ensures the safety of your students.

In the afternoon, please pull into a parking spot. Students can come out to your vehicles.

PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE CURB IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING OR IN THE MAIN DRIVE.  This limits the ability of other drivers to safely enter and exit the parking lot.