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Voice Recognition

Visual Arts

The mission of Lake Local Schools Visual Arts is to provide a safe, supportive, and arts-enriched learning environment that encourages all students to realize their potential, become continuous learners, as well as productive and creative individuals. 

We believe that Art weaves through our hearts and culture, positively impacting all students.

The Arts are worthwhile endeavors on their own and inspire creativity in the student body, the staff, and the Lake Local community.

The Visual Arts are essential elements in creating connections and expanding cultural literacy.

Lake Local Schools standard of excellence speaks for itself. We have 3 highly qualified art educators with each teacher understanding how critical it is for us to adapt to every student, parent, and community member.  

Learn more about various projects by clicking on the following virtual slideshows to view what we are creating.

As Art educators we are extremely proud to support the continued artistic growth from our youngest to the oldest Lake Flyer of the Lake Local School District and Community.