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School Hours

School Hours

Lake Preschool
AM 8:10 - 10:55
PM 11:55 - 2:40

Lake Elementary
8:10 - 2:40 

Lake Middle and High School
8:45 - 3:30 

Absence Reporting

Effective September 19th, 2016 student attendance is being reported through Safe Arrival. You can report your student absent by calling 1-844-772-5162 and following the prompts. You can also report a student absence by using the SafeArrival Parent Portal or application on your smart phone. HS/MS students need to be reported into the system by 8:45 AM and Elementary students need to be reported into the system by 8:10 AM.

Lake Local Schools one to one program

Starting in the fall of 2021-2022 school year students in grades 5 -12 will be part of a one to one Chromebook program where each student will receive a Chromebook to use.

The program guidelines can be found to the right and the signed in FinalForms.

PowerSchool Information

Parents are able to access their child’s grades, attendance and other information using the Parent Portal. Login at: to access your child’s account. If you have not received the ID and code needed to create your Parent Portal account, contact your child’s school office or fill out the following form and the information will be sent to you.

PowerSchool login information form