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School Hours

School Hours

Lake Preschool
AM 8:10 - 10:55
PM 11:55 - 2:40

Lake Elementary
8:10 - 2:40 

Lake Middle and High School
8:45 - 3:30 

Absence Reporting

Effective September 19th, 2016 student attendance is being reported through Safe Arrival. You can report your student absent by calling 1-844-772-5162 and following the prompts. You can also report a student absence by using the SafeArrival Parent Portal or application on your smart phone. HS/MS students need to be reported into the system by 8:45 AM and Elementary students need to be reported into the system by 8:10 AM.

Lake Local Schools one to one program

Starting in the fall of 2021-2022 school year students in grades 5 -12 will be part of a one to one Chromebook program where each student will receive a Chromebook to use.

The program guidelines can be found to the right and the signed in FinalForms.