Electronic Fee Payment now available

Electronic Fee Payment now available!
The Lake Local School District is working with PaySchools Central to allow school fees to be paid safely and easily online. Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, all fees payable to Lake Schools can be paid online, including class fees, athletics, extra curricular, etc. High school families will be able to pay this years classroom fees in the new system when they are issued in the upcoming weeks. Additional information for high school families will be sent out from Mr. Herman. 

Cafeteria accounts will continue to use MyMealTime.

More information about PaySchools can be found below.

PaySchools account creation

Community Letter January 12, 2021

January 12, 2021

Flyer Nation:

Governor DeWine announced a couple of weeks ago that quarantine policy updates were coming and all of us in the education field were guardedly optimistic about what those changes would be. At the end of last week, The Ohio Department of Health released those guidelines for consultation with the county schools, and reviewed those changes.

The updated protocols do not change the definition of a close contact, but instead, changed the guidelines on how to handle a close contact as defined by the metrics that have been used since the beginning of this process. The data for the new information is based on a classroom study that was conducted using several schools in the state.  Please see below for the features of the updated guidance:

  • The definition of distancing with close contacts is not the same for all grades:
      • High School and Middle School Students – the recommendation is still to quarantine anyone within 6′ if they are in close contact.  No change for these buildings.
      • Elementary Students – the allowance is for close contacts who are within 6′ but still at least 3′ apart may attend school if certain protocols are met.
      • School Faculty and Staff – in the classroom or on school transportation, close contacts must still be 6’ to avoid quarantine. No change for this group.
  • Close contacts in elementary schools who were exposed in the classroom or on school transportation may continue to attend school if the following conditions are met:
    • Maintain at least 3′ distance at all times in the classroom and on the bus.
    • Maintain at least 6′ anytime masks are off – lunch/recess/PE class/etc. during a quarantine period.
  • A close contact can only attend school.
  • Close contacts cannot participate in any co- or extra-curricular activities during the 14-day quarantine period.
  • As it is with other individuals, close contacts must be immediately isolated from all other people if they develop signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Throughout the first half of the year, The Wood County Health Department has had very few cases that were linked to in-school exposures. By going forward with this policy, the health department will closely monitor the numbers to ensure those cases continue to be few and far between.

These guidelines are going to be difficult for us to implement and track due to several factors including but not limited to space, human resources, and time. We continue to ask for your patience and flexibility going forward.



Community Letter January 5th, 2021

January 5, 2021

Dear Lake Community:

Happy New Year!

Governor DeWine announced last week that an updated policy on quarantine in schools is forthcoming. The Wood County Health Department is awaiting this final policy from the Ohio Department of Health. Once it is received, it will be reviewed with school leadership to understand how the policy will be operationalized in Wood County. Until that policy is received, the established guidelines for quarantine in schools will remain in effect. Below are some of the features of the updated policy that the Governor previewed last week:

  • If a student or teacher is exposed in the classroom setting to someone with COVID-19, quarantine is not recommended for the exposed individual as long as masking and other appropriate protocols were followed.
  • Quarantine continues to be advised for anyone who is exposed in the classroom if protocols have not been followed (e.g., students or adults in the classroom did not properly wear masks).
  • Quarantine also continues to be advised for anyone exposed during extracurricular activities, including sports, regardless of masking or other protocols. Revised guidelines above only apply in classroom settings.
  • In all cases of potential exposure, consult with the local health department for guidance.

Once the policy is finalized in Columbus and reviewed at the county level, we will share it with all of you and make any necessary changes that this policy will reflect.

Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility.

Jim Witt

WiFi access for virtual learning days

Lake Local Schools is happy to provide internet service for our students who are working on classwork from home.  The district will be using four WiFi equipped busses/vans (soon to be eight) in designated areas of the district, with equipment purchased through the BROADBAND OHIO CONNECTIVITY GRANT. The busses/vans will be parked in designated locations throughout our community on virtual learning days. If you have a student who has a district provided Chromebook who needs internet access, they will be able to connect to the WiFi these busses/vans will be providing. 

The locations of  WIFI equipped busses/vans for the virtual learning days on Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th will be:

1. On Lakepointe within the Eastpointe community

2. In front of Woodlake Mobile Home Park

3. In the parking lot of St. Peter’s Church, Millbury

4. In the parking lot behind Administration Building, Main St., Walbridge

The WiFi network on the busses is called: Flyer Net and the password has already been saved on the student’s district device. These busses/vans will be at the designated locations from 8:00am to 2:00pm.

We are trying to increase our reach and accessibility, so if you run into any problems please complete the google doc below so that we can help.


Go Flyers!

Community Letter 11-12-20

November 12, 2020

Flyer Nation —

Good morning. After looking at several different variables, the decision has been made to continue to keep our campus open for five days a week for as long as we can sustain that model. 

We believe the benefits of having our kids in person warrant that we continue to keep this schedule.  We also believe so resolutely in face-to-face learning that we have a committee of administrators and teachers working on a hybrid model to be released to the public no later than December 18. 

Our only scenario, at this time, to go 100% virtual would be on a one or two day emergency or if the governor shuts schools across Ohio down. A high percentage of community spread could also make the local health department close our campus.

With that being said, we are finding that our cases of quarantined students and staff are not contracting the virus. The issues we have to deal with come from outside of our school walls. Per the Governor’s plea last night in his press conference, we ask you to  limit your family’s outings to mitigate risk.  Please wear a mask when you are out in public (I know that is difficult as I struggle with it myself). Our administration believes that masks have been a reason why we have been able to have school for the duration of fall.  Please continue to encourage your children to wear their masks properly (over both the nose and mouth).  

Finally, you will receive a personal phone call from the school district if your student has been exposed to a positive case and we are aware of it. This has been difficult for all of us and we are heading into what the people in Columbus are calling the toughest period of the pandemic. If your child is sick and exhibits any symptoms of the virus, please keep him or her home until he or she is better. 

As always, we appreciate your continued patience and flexibility.

Jim Witt

Community Letter 11-11-2020

November 11, 2020

Dear Lake Community:

By the end of this week we will be making a decision on whether or not to spend the week after Thanksgiving with all virtual learning. Due to the rise in COVID cases, our district is struggling with staffing in different areas across campus.  The administration and board of education, in consultation with the Wood County Health Department, is looking at virtual learning for the week immediately following Thanksgiving to give time for people to get healthy and also to allow any possible lingering infections to move on. 

If the trend in cases does not start to decline, it will be very difficult to keep our campus open and operating. I was on a call with the Lieutenant Governor on Monday and he stated that the “next weeks and months of the campaign will be the most difficult and people are weary.” As a district we are trying to balance the importance of kids being in school, the health and availability of our students and staff, as well as the overall health of the public at large. 

We will have a definitive answer for you by the end of this week, but no matter what the outcome, it is important that everyone prepare for the increasing possibility of an all virtual learning platform in the future.

Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility.

Jim Witt