Glider Pack Program for 2019/2020

The Glider Pack Program returns to Lake Schools! We realize some families maybe having difficult
times financially and may need assistance. The Glider Pack Program is available to help
households with supplemental food for children over the weekends, and extended breaks, free of
charge. If you have children in your household and would like to participate in this program, please
complete the form at the bottom of this page and return in a sealed envelope. (ATTN: Chris Wilson).
Please list students currently attending Lake Local Schools and children living in the household under
school age not currently attending. To maintain confidentiality households participating in the
program, will be assigned a number to correspond to the household information and the household
pack. This number will be on the pack sent home with your student . Your student should then return
the pack the following Monday (or next school day). Notification will be sent with the date of when we
will begin sending packs home with your student and complete instructions to families eligible.

This program is completely confidential. If you have any questions concerning the Glider Pack
Program please contact Chris Wilson 419 661-6652 or

Food items sent home will change each time. Please keep in mind, items included in the pack are not
intended for a full nutritious meal, this is a supplemental program for your child/children. As it becomes
available information will be sent home concerning other programs that may be available to your


Glider Pack Program form