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ARP IDEA Special Education

ARP IDEA Special Education

Lake Local Schools received a non-competitive grant to address the impact of COVID-19 on our students with disabilities. One of the requirements of the grant is to give the community the opportunity for public comment. The planned use of these funds will be shared at the Lake Local Schools Board of Education meeting on November 17, 2021 at 6:00p.m. at the Middle School Media Center. If you have a comment on the planned use of these funds, you can either attend the Board of Education meeting on November 17, 2021 or email your comments to [email protected].

To address both the possibility of learning loss and social emotional impact of the COVID-19, Lake Local Schools plans to use these funds in the following ways.The Lake Local School District will utilize these funds to purchase a bus specifically for the use of transporting students with disabilities to a specialized school outside of our school district.  We provide transportation to students with disabilities who attend this particular school which is located nearly 25 minutes outside of our district, at our Wood County Children Services office.  This specialized school provides academic intervention and mental health support services through county providers.  These services have been determined to be in the best interest of our students on an individual basis through the IEP process.  Therefore, the funds will be used to purchase a bus for this run both to school and home on a daily basis in the best interest of our students with disabilities placed in this specialized school. 

The Lake Local School District will utilize a portion of these funds to provide professional development to our teachers in Practical Early Intervention Strategies that Work in order to provide additional support to students who are struggling to meet expectations for early childhood students.  The remaining funds will be used to support students with disabilities in the classroom with instructional supplies for students to use in the early childhood classroom. 

ARP ESSER Local use of funds detail

Use of funds

Please see below for the file that details the use of funds plan for Lake Local Schools.

Lake Local Schools Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan