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Software Updates

Software Updates

The technology department has a new tool for managing software updates for all district Apple computers.  This software will push updates to computers after they have been approved by the technology department.  This software will periodically check in the background to see if there are any updates available, and if so it will download the updates to be installed.

You can check for updates by going into the Applications folder on the computer and opening the Managed Software Center application.

Once the application is open it begins to check for any software updates.  This process can be observed or started by clicking on the Updates icon at the top of the window.  If there are any updates to be installed the button in the top right will read update instead of check again.

Managed Software Center Screenshot

Examples of software managed:
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Flash Plugin
  • SMART Notebook
  • Sketch-up Pro
  • Epson tools & drivers