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Ohioans Urged to Review New FCC Broadband Maps

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released new maps that show all of the addresses in Ohio and whether they have high-speed internet access. The maps are available on the FCC website.

The effort to highlight where high-speed internet is and is not available will determine the amount of funding Ohio receives to bring high-speed internet to everyone in the state. Please check the map and see whether it's accurate for your area. Billions in grants are at stake.

BroadbandOhio is working hard to make sure that the maps are as accurate as possible and right now, it appears as though certain portions of the state are underrepresented. Yesterday, the OLC hosted a webinar with BroadbandOhio to discuss the maps and how the FCC challenge process works. If you missed the live presentation, a recording is available on the OLC website.

The FCC's deadline for consumer challenges to the map is Jan. 13, 2023. The final version of the map will be used to set funding allocations for the Broadband, Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) program in summer 2023. The accuracy of these maps is crucial, since inaccuracies can lead to less funding for Ohio and make some communities ineligible to receive grants.

Ohio's public libraries are playing an important role in helping people get connected and be represented in the process. We want to make sure we have accurate maps to ensure high-speed internet access for all Ohioans. Please share this information with your community. Additional tools and promotional materials will be posted soon to the OLC website.

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