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Information on National School Lunch and Breakfast program

Since September of 2020, Lake Local School’s students have received breakfast and lunch at no charge regardless of household income.  The waivers from the United States Department of Agriculture allowing free breakfast and lunches will expire June 30, 2022.  This means a return to the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program and normal pre-pandemic operations for school food service and child nutrition programs for school year 2022/2023.

Households will have to complete an online National School Lunch and Breakfast Program application and meet eligibility requirements to receive meals free or at reduced price for school year 2022/2023.

In the past households had the first thirty days of the school year to complete and qualify for free or reduced meals.  Very few households completed the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program application the last two years.  To avoid delay in benefits and not have charges to student food service accounts parent/guardians should complete National School Lunch and Breakfast application before the start of the school year.  Online applications for the 2022/2023 school year will be available July 1, 2022 at   https://www.lakeschools.org/FoodServices.aspx

For students to be considered for instructional fee waivers, athletic fee waivers or for community outreach programs you must be sure to mark the section granting permission to share household eligibility.  No household information from the application will be shared, only the eligibility determination that may determine fees or participation in the areas that permission is granted.   You must mark what program you want eligibility shared with when you complete the application.

We ask all households to complete a National School Lunch and Breakfast Program application.  

 Completing the applications can help your household and our school district in many ways.  

Some ways of helping are …

-Funding for the school district- some state and federal funding is determined on the total percentage of the eligibility information for district households.

-Instructional and Athletic Fees-student maybe eligible for free or reduced fees.

-Community Services- student and/or household maybe eligible for community outreach programs.

-Internet Access- households that qualify maybe eligible for discounts on internet service.

-Academic Testing/Admission-students may qualify for college admission discounts or may qualify for reduced testing registration fees for SAT, ACT, or AP.

Completing applications help provide valuable resources to the school district and for the student.  It is important to read and complete the “Sharing of Eligibility” information on the application to be able to offer the resources to the household and students.

Completing the application takes minutes and help is available during the summer to make sure things are in place before school starts.

Any questions or concerns about completing the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program application or the Food Service/Child Nutrition Program please contact Chris Wilson [email protected]

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